Introducing Mishima Lee Thys …

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6 Responses to “Introducing Mishima Lee Thys …”

  1. admin Says:

    woof woof gnarl rrrrrr woof

  2. Brusco Barumbado Says:

    yapyapyap thump ahhh boom.
    shit not on the bed BAD DOG. gonna send Michael Vick to beat up on you

  3. vicky iliaens Says:

    grrrrrrr , dat diene ma nie aan mijn broekspijp komt hangen , zo’n wild geval ;-)

    ‘t is een schattig woefke guy !!

  4. Wouter Says:

    Brusco, please send M. Vick asap.
    Two weeks ago I intended to sleep in that bed after a bachelor party in Antwerp. Michima-Lee-Thys had peed on the sheets. I had too much to drink but that didn’t stop me to drive home to get some sleep! No alcohol control on the road back – lucky bastard I was.
    But I forgive the spoiled-rotten dog. Michima is Boba’s best friend (my Newfoundlander). Even though Michima is an Alpha-male, he still was sweet after 1 gallon of Boba-drule on his back.
    Bite, Michima! Chasing your tail gets you nowhere!
    Friends Fur-ever!!!

  5. admin Says:

    To Brusco Baron: “Who the f*** is Michael Vick? A quarterback? Or one of your Kona beach combers?”

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